Dee Laps

On Saturday the 11th of July, we travelled the 3-hour drive to paddle the river Dee. The Dee is a river up in north wales that goes through Llangollen. Ollie had paddled the Dee twice before and I had paddled it once. The times we’d gone before were on an overnight school trip. On this trip, we paddled down from Horseshoe Falls (a horseshoe shaped weir) down through Serpents Tail and Mile End Mill and getting out just below Town Falls in Llangollen. Only Ollie had run Serpents Tail before but that was at a lower level and wasn’t successful. Now when we did together, the levels were higher, so some features were flushed through but still a good rapid. Luckily, we both had successful lines down it and couldn’t wait for the second lap for when we could run it again. We next got down to Mile End Mill which was where we had spent most of the time with school. We surfed the waves and did the seal launch off a large rock. After Mile End Mill, we came to a rapid that neither me or Ollie had run before which would also probably be the largest rapid we’d paddled. It was the rapid in Llangollen called Town Falls. It consisted of two v shaped drops but with gaps in the middle which you weren’t meant to go through. On the first run, because we couldn’t get out to look, both of us went straight through the middle of both of them. Luckily, we were fine in the end and we shuttled back up for round 2. On the second lap, we did the same and ran Serpents Tail twice. When we got down to Town falls, we did the same again and went through the middle of the drops. I got a clean line, but Ollie came out the first drop vertical then hit a rock on the second and flipped into the hole. Didn’t stop Ollie from popping a good roll. After getting out and Sean grabbing his car, we drove to the aquaduct. We paddled across it and got the look over the 3cm thick metal wall stopping us dropping off the edge of the 126ft drop down to the river at the bottom. It was a great experience to end the day.