About George

Hi there! I’m George Whittal-Williams and I am one of the River Rascals. I started Whitewater kayaking in my first year of secondary school so almost 4 years ago. Before that, I’d done flat water sea kayaking since I was 6. Ollie and I had always paddled whitewater together and we knew each other way before secondary school. When we both found out we had the same passion, we pursued it and I want to turn it into my career. It all started from when my older brother did whitewater with the school so I wanted to do it like him. So I joined the club and once I learnt the basics, I didn’t want to stop. Since then I have paddled rivers up to grade 4 and have invested LOTS of money into gear and boats. My first boat was a dagger RPM which I got second hand from ebay. It was the boat that I have paddled the most. I paddled the school RPM and then when Ollie found me this one, I couldn’t resist it. When I was starting to grow out of the RPM, I was looking for a new boat. At first I looked at the Exo Rexy but decided to not save up for it because it was too expensive. I wanted to get a creek boat like a Zet Raptor ready for the upcoming Scotland trip (cancelled due to Covid-19). I went to CIWW to try demo it and I sat in it and instantly didn’t like the feel. Strangely enough, the Exo Rexy was laying right beside the Raptor so I sat in that and it felt perfect. I decided to take it right out onto 8 cumecs and it handled the rapids like it was 4 cumecs. The bow sat high so it could glide over waves with ease and was much faster than any other boat I’d paddled. I knew that this was what I wanted. I managed to persuade my dad eventually by confronting my fear of needles and being the first to have my vaccination in the year. The boat was back! All I needed to do now is pay back £700. I instantly got £160 off by selling the RPM then worked the rest off over the next few months. The Rexy is still going strong and is perfect for doing downriver tricks, surfing and more. Now I am saving up for an Exo T-Rex ready for when I do some bigger rivers and waterfalls in the future.

Kayaking at CIWW, emerging from the ski slope drop
Paddling the Rexy at Symonds Yat