The River Rascals is a two man crew of paddlers Ollie Lloyd and George Whittal-Williams. We obsessively document our adventures on the water through our YouTube channel

About Ollie:

Paddling at CIWW

Hi, I’m Ollie. I started paddling properly with my School Canoe club in 2017 and immediately was hooked! I was lucky to be able to go on some awesome river trips to the Usk which really started off my passion. Learning to roll was a struggle involving many pool sessions but I got there eventually. Since learning to roll in whitewater a few years back I progressed rapidly, tackling many rivers such as the Tawe, Usk, Tryweryn, Dee, Wye, Yscir and Cardiff Whitewater. I started off paddling in my Dagger Axiom 6.9 (which I can still shred), but in summer 2020 I upgraded to my dream boat, the Ripper, and have loved it ever since. I’m also a keen skier and mountain biker, and you’ll see the occasional video of those.

When I realized that I might need to look for a new boat!

About George:

Hi, I’m George. A first starting kayaking just on flat water when I was younger but I started doing Whitewater with school when I joined in secondary school 4 years ago. Since then I haven’t stopped and I’m not planning on stopping either! I learnt most of my skills in a Dagger RPM but soon wanted something new and moved up to an Exo Rexy in early 2020 which I still adore today. Since I started, I’ve done more local rivers like the Usk, Wye, Yscir, Tawe and CIWW but have also gone to the Tryweryn and Dee in North Wales and am planning to go to Scotland soon. Recently I’ve got into playboating and am hoping to progress that aspect of the sport more this year.