Why I love the Palm Shuck

I have recently bought myself a new, red Palm Shuck helmet. Before that I had been using an old Ruk Rapid helmet, which did the job but wasn’t comfy at all and required a lot of padding to make it fit. The adjuster on it had also broken a bit. I was holding off getting a new helmet, but when I did get the new Shuck it was completely worth it. The Shuck is an excellent mid-range helmet from Palm. It fits me like a glove and features a very robust adjuster at the back of the head with lots of range to ensure a great fit. It also has a very strong and sturdy shell, with no vents, making it warm and great for stickers and GoPro mounts. My favourite feature of all however is the removable Polygiene liner. This basically acts as a skull cap and makes the helmet super comfortable. It also means you can insert pads between the liner and the helmet itself to increase the quality of fit without making it uncomfortable and creating pressure points. The helmet comes in two versions, half cut and full cut, as well as with a few colour options. The full cut has ear protectors and the half cut doesn’t. I have gone for the half cut as it looks better and is more comfortable, and allows you to hear better, but if you are looking for that extra bit of protection then the full cut is the one.

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