Exo Rexy

The Rexy’s high bow coming out first from the largest drop at CIWW

A few months ago, I bought the Exo Kayaks Rexy. I decided to get this boat because I needed a new boat that would be fun to play in and surf in but also must be able to run big rapids and get through waves. I’d seen many videos which had people using the Rexy and it looked to fit the qualifications I wanted. I’ve had this boat for about half a year and it has not failed to impress. I first used it at CIWW and it would just glide over the big holes and waves. The next big rapid I took it on was an amazing double day trip on the Afon Yscir and the Tal-Y-Bont section on the river Usk. That week had had lots of rain so the rivers were high so I was excited to see how the Rexy would cope. It was light work! Because the Rexy has such a big rocker it would just lift over them. Moving on, the Rexy sits very high up on the water. This allows it to be fast and surfs very well. It has a low back deck allowing it to get vertical but also has enough space to put a drybag with clothes or other things if necessary. The low stern has edges running all the way up the boat. This means it can carve around nicely on any wave. The large rocker on this boat means it is easy to roll with and without a paddle. This has been good for me because I have only recently got my roll up to a sufficient standard and the Rexy has helped with that massively. Another positive about this boat is the aesthetics and size. The Rexy comes in one size and multiple colours. Although it comes in one size, the seat has three notches it can go through and the footrests go far down. I am 6ft and I still have 3 notches to go down on the footrests and another notch back on the seat. That gives my legs about 8 inches to grow before I grow out of it. It has two horizontal handles on the front and back and they are in the convenient position for when Ollie and I carry our boats together because the handles are in line. The seat is padded around the sides and the bottom and the backrest has a rope system to tighten and loosen it. There is only one negative of this boat. If you don’t manage to boof over a hole or wave, you are likely to come out vertical and may flip back into the wave. Other than that I give this boat 5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a new boat.

Here is the link to our video of me trying the Rexy out for the first time at CIWW. You will see how easy the Rexy is to paddle and how well it goes over waves:

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